Wednesday 27 April 2011

Go Outdoors

I thought I would let people know about the service I have been receiving from go outdoors.  Well this is going to be quick its a big fat zero.

As most of you will be aware I purchased a corado 6 tent from them couple of weeks ago after putting it up in the garden and the wind bending a roof pole,  I have decided to sell the tent after thinking of the size the bloody thing is and when I do get away with dog and family it will probably be just for the night, so this tent is just no good for what my needs are shame as it is a real sweet tent.
So I went to go outdoors asked them where I could purchase a roof pole for this tent and my answer was you would have to buy a full tent which is over £400 now, ermm so my words to the kind wanker I had been talking to was "your fucking kidding mate £400 quid for 1 pole" and walked out the shop.

I have since sent them an email (go outdoors) asking them if they would be so kind and either get me a roof pole which I will purchase so as I can sell the tent or tell me where I can get 1 from.  So far I have received fuck all from them which really boils my piss.

Anyone reading this who fancies a tent then please feel free to get in touch its far to heavy to send it by truck/van so it would have to be collected which I'm in Sunderland am asking £200 for the tent and hopefully I can get a new roof pole if not then I will reduce the price and/or put it on ebay and see what I can get for it maybe someone out there has knackered a pole and doesn't want to spend £400 on a new 1

If go outdoors responds to my 2nd letter then I will put it up on here for you all to see but am not holding my breathe.

Low and be hold I have went to buy another family tent what they have on special and they don't have any stock fuck me is this shop worth it.


  1. Paul,
    I am just thinking aloud here, but as i don't know how bad your pole is bent, what about taking it to a back street engineering company and see if they can repair it for you. Having been in that industry all my working life i'm sure that they could help.
    Also companies that make hydraulic tube may be able to make you a new one if the pole is not repairable.
    Living in the area you do, i think you should find assistance somewhere local.

  2. I used to work in an engineering company too and your correct on this should have took it to 1 of them to fix as they would have fixed it quite easily before I took a hammer to it lol never mind they prob still be able to fix it I just wanted a new pole to sell still waitin any type of reply from go outdoors and for that matter terra super nova none of which seems to give a flying fuck when you spend £250+ on tents and as I was thinking about buying another terra nova tent they just lost another £300+ fuck them all

  3. What about Warranty and buyers rights?
    Are you not covered under “its not 12 months old yet” thingy.
    What about a little letter from a solicitor. Theres loads of them with not much work at the mo.

  4. well I been on to them today about it and they say they have sent me reply to my emails and that they are actually trying to do something about it well thats if you can believe them cause I have not recieved any emails from them and I check my spam folder too nothing he going to ring back. I'll keep updating about it that is if I get a reply am also complaining about the bull shit promo offer they have on there voyager 6 tent which is not available up north shouldnt have it on promo if they can't supply it he is also getting back to me on this lol the shops a joke its too big and there is nobody who will act and help ressolve my problems you find that within big companys. I work for 1 that is just as bad nobody gives a fook shame

  5. Send a letter, not email to:-

    Mr John Graham
    Managing Director Go Outdoors
    Hill Street
    Bramall Lane
    S2 4SZ

  6. Thanks for that. However there is more to the story, the other half got on the blower and spoke to a customers service person and got nowhere so asked to speak to someone higher up the chain after a few arguments on not getting replys from them via email and he still arguges that I need to call my internet service provider because am not recieving his emails, but he says he has sent a email to hi gear which they have not responded too?(erm think he needs to sort out his internet out) he says he is going to phone them and try and get the poles sorted for me, now I would normally say yea mate full of shit but the other half was ringing him to complain about not been able to buy a tent thats on promo. since he agreed to get me on the stockton stores list and at the top of this (sorry to the other 50 people on this list) but shy bairns get nowt, he told the other half that he would sort me on to the list at the top and ring me back, yea I thought!!! well he did just that (fuck me a first from any company) and low and behold I was on top of list and I purchased a new voyager6 tent on Saturday job done now just wait till tuesday when he is going to ring me about my poles looking good so far and if I get my pole then well I shall be a happy little lamb and will name this helpful chap in my next blog....

  7. Well i’m glad for you that progress is being made. There’s nothing worse than being patronised and wasting time.
    I think i would still tell Mr Graham what i thought.