Wednesday 27 June 2012

Canon 550d

Testing out my new camera

The story behind this buy goes on, which am not going to get in to.  Basically when the Canon 550d came out I was told by my mate John Paul to check them out on youtube, quality to say the least was very good and the options of what an SLR has for filming is impressive.  I love the fact you can blur the subject your filming out when you want to. 

Anyways without rambling on and giving myself a headache I have uploaded two versions of a little testing of the camera using it out of the packet nothing changed.  Hope you enjoy, if you have already commented on youtube or vimeo thanks, for me, when I make these videos I love to share and hopefully people like watching them, when someone hits the like button, subscribes or leaves a comment, it makes putting these videos on the like of youtube and vimeo all the worth while, so if you have done anyone of the mentioned or all 3 then thanks it means alot.  

If you feel that the video deserves a dislike then speak up and tell me what you don't like about it, if nobody tells me that a part of what am doing is rubbish I won't change it cause I probably think its all good, again thanks for all the kind words the likes and the subs.

first is my vimeo version no music and I tried a bit of slow mo footage, which I wasn't 100% happy with but left it on, John Paul soon told me that my initial thoughts was right should have left it out, its not smooth and I think different settings and something like Twixtor software would work much better, however I ain't pulling the cash out for it just yet.

A test of the Canon 550d from Paul Bates on Vimeo.

Below is my youtube version with the slo mo took out and music added which do you think is the best, mine is the youtube version, which I may upload to Vimeo also as you get a bit better quality.

Thanks for coming to my blog to read and hopefully watch and like my videos.


  1. Very good, in fact a lot better than some other outdoor Videographers.


    1. Thank you for your kind words means alot, its nice to know people are liking my vids, cheers Arch