Thursday 7 June 2012

A New Toy

As am sure a few of you maybe aware by now, I love new toys, I don't have any pictures just yet as I do keep forgetting to take some.  So hopefully a quick video will do for now.

I bought this inflatable Kayak with intentions to camp but more importantly just to have fun.  What I wasn't expecting is how much fun you can have on one of these. 

I bought it from ebay for a very reasonable price £160 I had to buy the paddle and pump separate but still keeping it pretty cheap, needless to say as soon as I picked it up after work on the Saturday I was on the river within an hour of returning home.

Since my initially go of it I've been in it quite a few times and taking my mates out too, I should put a charge on lol. So when I get the time and figure out the tides I will be in it for a mini wildcamp up the river, I don't have a clue where but am just going to go with the flow hehehe.

Its been a while since I been out wildcamping due to my work but am getting all excited I have a full week off and I have many plans to be outdoors as much as possible, hoping weather will be good so I can have a few mini adventures Kayaking to wildcamping and maybe another camp in the woods with some meat and beer.

I'll try and keep the blog updated as much as possible but hopefully I'll be too busy outdoors.

Hope you enjoyed the above video it would have been alot better if I had captured me falling or diving in the river head first, with daveswildcamping standing laughing his head off, mind I must admit I haven't laughed so much and I'm still smiling now about it.

Note to oneself never stand up in a Kayak and walk about, I was getting back in it and had to step over the front seat to get into the back seat but instead of crouching down and keeping low, not thinking too much I stood up stepped over and the Kayak went behind me and I went arms out legs out superman style straight into the river (damn you Dave you should have had the camera out) it would have made it on the TV for sure.

I got out of the water which was about a foot and a half laughing my head off standing in the middle of the river Wear soaked, Kayak upside down and Dave having a good old laugh, it was a very funny moment, not to be repeated again lol.

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