Thursday 26 July 2012

The Native

The Native made by Steven Dixon
The steel starting its life out to become a knife
I recently got a message on YouTube from a guy called Steven Dixon, asking me if I would do a review for YouTube, on one of his knives, I don't have the pleasure of owning a bushcraft knife especially a hand built one, so I jumped at the chance.
Scandi grind on holes in and heat treated ready for scales

I went through to his house as he only lives 40mins up the road and he showed me a few of his knives.  We discussed what he does with the knives and from start to finish he does all the work himself only the sheath is bought in.
Scales on
Steven starts out with the steel and cuts, grinds it to the shape he wants, he then heat treats it to make the blade hard, moving on to the cutting of the scales (the handle) and fitting them.  putting the final sharp edge on at the new owners discretion, a new knife is born.  I would like to add that there is a hell of  alot of work goes into making just one knife and this very brief description is my way of putting it in layman's terms.  If you are looking for a new knife maybe just a better one he does 2 lengths the shorter one a total length of 195mm and the longer at 220mm total length. You can also ask for what scales you want, Steven had quite a variety so it would be best talked about with Steven

completed Native knife in its sheath ready to be sold

An introduction to the man himself

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