Thursday 13 December 2012

Last Camp Of The Year

A Christmas Feast

2012 is coming to a close, I've had a very good year in the outdoors, making new friends and becoming closer to my others.

Me, Dave and Paul have decided upon a camp to finish the year off our style, new to the woods camping and learning a bit of bushcraft on the way has being  enjoyable to say the least.  Feasting on many different meats in local wood land has been awesome, I haven't videoed all my trips nor  have I blogged about them all. I do appoligise, I try my best.

Getting back to the camp a local one, as my last 2 days holidays are here and am resting and relaxing at home, Dave would be at work and that was the end of that camp idea.  Dave gave me dates of when he could manage and my new good friend Paul Kilburn did the same.  So after a few emails/texts we had the date set Saturday 22nd December 2012, a Christmas feast.

My other mate who is always working away, Chris Sumner, he gets off the rig before then and he too might be joining us on this mega feast.  So hopefully a Christmas feast for Wild Campers, Lamb being the choice of meat, I was going to get a turkey but with it being so close to Christmas it would mean I'd be all sick of Turkey.

I don't think I will be taking the camera along on this trip as when you have the camera with you it can spoil your trip in the way that your looking through the camera all the time and worrying what to capture next, this is a fun trip out and the main aim is to relax by the fire whilst our feast cooks.

I may blog about it we'll see, as I will be very busy from then on after, only getting Christmas day off from work.

I will be doing a blog mentioning a few names and a thank you too all my subs on Christmas Eve, I was also hoping to do a end of year highlights video but to be honest I just haven't had the time, if I haven't been bad with that devastating bug (man flu), I've been painting the house.

Reason why I am taking my 2 days off and chilling, its nice to have time off and do nothing from time to time.

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