Tuesday 8 January 2013


I have finally getting a Hammock, had to wait till Christmas so santa could get me one (the other half).

I've had it out once the video below is my very first go, it felt comfortable, I was a bit unsure getting in it as I can't tie knots so a little bit of worry that I'd end up like shit on the floor.

I have just sorted out the ropes cutting them down and the extra rope I got with it putting knots all the way up so it can be adjusted, I've also added 2 Karibiners.

So its all systems go another try out before I camp with it, can't wait, only thing is my tarp is too small to cover it so I will have to purchase a nice big tarp to keep me dry, the weather aint stopping me from sleeping in this new toy.

I will hopefully be doing a video of my first time out in it, so keep ya eyes peeled prob beginning of next month, hopefully weather will be kind and I can get some decent shots of me in it etc.

Another way of wild camping, the list goes on tents, bivis and now hanging.  I hope you enjoy my adventure trying this Hammock out I will do a blog post on it, how I found my first ever night in a Hammock.

Feel free to enjoy the short video of my very first time in a Hammock.


  1. Jeremy

    please stop making comments as I wont give you the fame you so want, not on my blog, I LNT where ever I go and as for the other insults well just shows what a tale end you are, if your mate is so good then put a link to his page and wheres your vids/blog? just another muppet hater just makes me feel great, I must be famous to have my own little haters lol

  2. What make hammock is it so I don't copy off you when I buy mine lol

    1. Its a tenth Wonder mate, its not about copying its about getting a good hammock if you find mine is right for you, then go out and get one

  3. did you go flying out of it in the middle of the night?