Friday 20 November 2015

Campsite Camping

Well my back is still not 100% and I have my daughter this weekend, so wild camping on a hill isn't happening.  So not to be one for missing out on good weather ( no rain) this Saturday I have planned to take the family to the Yorkshire Dales to a campsite (which allows fires).

I can't wait for this its going to be cold -3 prediction from the BBC weather app and possible snow, does it get any better.  I got some old broken pallets from work and chopped them all up bagged and dry the living room, don't worry I have a very understanding partner.  :-)

So plan of attack is finish work Saturday morning and head off, setup camp and maybe go for a walk with the pooch .  Once back at camp set the fire away and keep warm whilst having some food and chillax time, which at the minute is a musst ;-)

I was hoping my next mini adventure I could blog and take pictures live and send the onto the blog but there is no signal where I'm going so I may just have to draft blog it and send it up on Sunday night.

So please check back and hopefully I will have some pics and a trip report of this trip, thanks for reading and following this blog, means alot.


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