Monday 9 November 2015

Where The Blog Stands

Getting My Arse Into Gear

Hello to you, that is if anyone comes along to this blog anymore.  I have been very quiet this year, think it was a well earned break that I needed.  I want to get back into the blogging and even making my vids again for you tube.  I have been out this year but the camera has been left at home or I've took it and done nothing with it or at the very least not a lot.  I'm currently editing a vid of a few bits I have that's been lying about waiting to be edited for ages months in fact.

Its been a busy year 2015 but I need to get back out on the hills with my partner and Izzie.  I want to blog about the trips and share pics like before and even live tweet pics etc.  My fitness was never all that but after a year of doing no hiking or hill wild camping, its gone well what ever was there.

So if you are reading this and you have stuck by the silence awaiting my return, then thank you I am back.

Time for me this year has flown over there hasn't been enough hours in the day, it will be hard to find time to blog and video but I will make time to share it with you, it's also a good diary for me to look back on too.

Enough waffling I'm going to get on with a bit more of my vid, I have become lazy and have no inspiration to get me going, so a swift kick up the arse is what I need.

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