Friday 22 July 2016

ITV came a knocking

Caught On Camera: Holiday Horrors

Quite some time ago I was messaged from ITV asking if I would let them use some of my footage from youtube, keen to get on tv for the right reasons was always good for me, so my answer was always going to be yes.

After a few emails and phone calls I was also asked to do an interview on why I go up the hills in any weather, in the past I have actually went up to test tents or just to try and capture some real crazy weather battering the tent.

Always remembering if your reading this and you too are planning these type of trips on the fells, be safe never be stupid they are a dangerous place, I know some who take them like it was there back garden but up there it can turn fast and you might not be able to just stroll down in a very bad storm.

Anyways ITV we filmed me the end hahah you will have to watch it to find out anymore.

August 2nd 2016 9pm ITV

I was asked to do an interview as well which I also agreed on however when the camer was rolling I went to absoulte mush dry mouth nerves  going mad back bone lost, it was totally different than me videoing me so take note of that as I just hope i dont come across like a bambling idiot.  However i also did a small video of them videoing me and watching that back I really dont know who ITV will edit it so it looks good.
So Tuesday August 2nd 2016 I'm going to be a nervous wreck watching myself on the tv, just to type that makes it feel nuts.  So hopefully it be good but it might aslo be a good laugh watching me struggle in front of the camera.

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