Monday 2 August 2010

1 Week Trial Period

Well Everythings working out good I have Izzie on a weeks trial and if I still want her after the week then she is mine, so she's mine. She is a gem lovely personality very nervous but in a way it is good as she still has to get used to the cats, which on Saturday gone 1 of the cats, Harry actually touched noses with Izzie, now thats a plus well pleased.

Its been a while since I been out walking or Wild Camping, am in need but cash is on hold at the minute till I get paid then I must get away for a 1 nighter, its like I have the itch but I can't scratch it lol. I need to get in my new tent and give it some more testing, I have been so busy with the above the past few weeks, my future walking buddy and camper, next summer for that though, she is keeping me motivated though so instead of sitting getting fatter am out morning and night walking her, so bit luck my fitness should slowly come back.


  1. alright paul ,how's the dog , not seen you in the country park yet , where you walk her ? along the river or along the old railway line

  2. I don't want to do too much walking with her yet she still a pup 5 month just gone, I usually walk the streets or hit the road that follows the pulled up railway line and head up the farmers field where she loves to run (off lead) getting her back on it different story lol. When there is people about all she wants is to jump up and play with them bit of a pain in the arse when I'm off to work or wanting to get back for supper lol