Thursday 19 August 2010

Its official Izzie is now my Dog

Its been a while since I wrote on the old blog but I been so busy, working and playing with the dog in between walks, morning and night, oh and then theres me Degus bloody pests I been creating a little run for them instead of letting them out in the dining room , for them to destroy.

So am planning a wild camp soon end of this month for 1 night and hopefully if the weather is good I'll be having another movie done, for those who like them I thought about what I want for a good few days now, reading feed back and having some more thoughts and seems the more I plan the worse the movie gets a bit of the old just point and shoot and worry about it later with a bit of editing, soon it comes together and with a bit of humour hopefully raising a few smiles , so i have decided to just go for it and make it up as I go and see what I get from it like I have been mainly doing, mind I do want some good camera angles so if it looks really crazy and the angles are totally wrong its cause I was trying to plan that shit out lol.

Hopefully I can start saving some cash instead of my dog eating it all up and then only for me to pick it up come morning, hmmm why do we do that spend shit loads on food and treats for the buggers to shit it out the next day, oh I think they call it dog loving, I got some footage to put together on Izzie just messing about so when I get a spare minute I'll toss that together and that will be my next short clip on you tube.

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