Tuesday 24 August 2010

Planning a wild camp

    Ok  so I have a couple days off 31st August and 1st September watching the way the weather is going hopefully it won't be torrential rain, I have a few ideas on where to go either up the lakes or the Howgills, its going to be a solo unless someone tags along, I have asked a friend but he still not sure on what his plans are for them days.

If anyone has any ideas feel free to post and let me know, as most of you will be aware parking is always the problem and I like free parking the best lol so I will be avoiding pay car parks.

Hopefully the weather keeps off a little and I get some nice weather so I can do some filming if its forecast for the rain I'll not bother and just get a few pics instead, I was wanting to start my video for the LFTO comp. but if I was to enter it I want the video looking good and sunshine helps alot, am hoping for a bit wind too so I can try the voyager out and see what its like.

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