Sunday 29 August 2010

Change of heart

Ok so if you been reading and following my blog you will already know that i been planning a wild camp.  Well its changed like everything in my life it spins on a 5 pence piece, and now am off with my daughter and the other half and her daughter on a camp at buttermere.  I had a bit of a laugh with me daughter she is only 6 and bit scared of camping to reassure her after she asked about just camping in the garden, I told her not to want to do that as the bad men could come burn the tent down in the garden, she replied after i told her we would be camping in a farmers field what if the bad men try and burn the tent when we in the field lol shit now I think am digging the whole bigger (ting) don't worry the only bad men/man in the lakes (farmers field) is me she laughed you going to burn someones tent down dad, Yea I replied what about if it has a dog in, grrr am not winning this one well I'll let it out first, she you want to kill people ....fuck lol.....nah am only joking you don't have anything to worry about its safe up there I said.   Crazy shit and all the wrongs words but how do you tell your daughter the truth.....that I am actually Freddy Kruger but not in peoples dreams lol....... update to follow Wednesday night.

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