Tuesday 21 September 2010

2 Days holiday and the dog gets Spade

Typical bloody weather its going to piss down with an added fog on the tops, so its dampened what ever I was going to capture as my fav. mountain.  I put some holidays in so I can be with the dog the first couple of days to stop her pulling her stitches out, as she is getting spade on Thursday, Joanne kindly offered to take the dog to the vets on Thursday morning, so I thought its time to get a night on the hills checked the weather and its shit not that I mind too much on the fact that it can be shit weather but I was hoping to get some footage for a video to enter into the LFTO film Comp on the fav mountain. Never mind I shall still be going just without the camcorder haven't really planned this one as in the past I find the more planning the more things go wrong so am heading up straight after work (hopefully finishing before 3pm) then park up somewhere around ullswater and up I go first path way I find.

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