Thursday 25 November 2010


Ok so I have tested my free stove and it boils as in what I call a rolling boil in about 10 mins with 25ml of fuel it went on to burn for 15 mins so I expect to warm a boil in the bag meal in around 15 mins but until I actually test in very cold snow conditions I cant be 100% on times as when I tested it it was on the door step in cold conditions about 1C.

My new RAB Jacket had the dog out in snow and cold temps. and it preformed very well as long as your warm the jacket keeps that in or and if you walk in it it gets hotter ideal for standing about getting pissed in a wild camp mint well pleased only thing I would say about the Jacket it has snagged the zip of the front pocket once while I walked puppy dog Bastard as while out mouching I couldn't get it too shut but back home it has shut and everything is ok thank fuck.

I have just ordered a sleeping bag pipedream 800 £180 from alpkit who sent me an email when they got them in and as a thank you for waiting so long they gave everyone a 40% discount on the huka bivi so for £21 I have ordered that too as you never know when a cave camp is in order or to use in a bothy to keep my sleeping bag sweet mint over the moon.

I haven't tried my new foam mat but it should go down to -60 its over kill I think but should do the job as I don not use anything else so it better do the job lol £32 multi mat summit.

I shall do some pics and better reviews as and when I actually use the items on the hills

Am still waiting for my rab gloves but I got them really cheap off a firm I don't really trust but thought it worth the risk as I could Pay by paypal time will tell.

Pics and more reviews to follow thanks for reading please subscribe I don't have many followers cheers

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