Monday 22 November 2010

New Toys

As some of you may already know I been spending like I just won the lottery on winter gear, this all started when Geoff gave me a meths stove and told me all I needed was a pan, so being 1 of the last things I bought here is my list of new toys reviews and what I think of it all will be in the near future when I get out wild camping.

So my first pur--chase was my Scarpa Sl m3 boots so far walking around the house I found them much stiffer and a quite snug fit.

Then I went on to buy a Jacket the RAB Neutrino Endurance a lovely blue down jacket for the nights at camp sipping brandy, I got it at quite a good price from Go Outdoors do a price match so if anyone wishes to know the how to get it for £166.50 let me know and I'll gladly tell you how to get this sweet deal.

Then there was a new multi-mat its called the summit and it goes down to -60 tog 3 so its a good one I got the XL so it has more width with my massive shoulders pmsl, I roll about and don't want to be iced up on the tent floor.

I got my pan for my new FREE stove thanks again to Geoff you know who you are a pint is in order at the very least for your generosity.

So now all I need is to get out on those snow filled hills and do what I love doing walking and getting to my wild camp spot for a drink of the good stuff and hopefully I'll have a new sleeping bag if Alpkit get there stock in soon or I'll be buggered and have to go with a much dearer bag.

I think its only fair to also add that I do thank the CSA (child support agency) for returning £222.40 in the form of a check and 3 letters saying I had over paid oh well thanks again its been a pleasure spending on my day off retail therapy nice 1.


  1. what about crampons paul ? how you going to get up those snow covered hills?

  2. bloody hell Ian I been on about this on LFTO and everyone who answered said use kahtoola spikes as crampons are over rated yet i can't remember who said they loved the spike but were actually upgrading to crampons so what do I do you have done more walking than me is it a crampon that i need to say get up the yorkshire dales? my thoughts were why pay 45 quid for spikes when for a hundred you get grivel g10 which goes with my new sl m3 have you walked up in winter and or do you know what other people use?