Thursday 18 November 2010

Outdoor shops and finance

I just recently posted on LFTO that there is no outdoor shop to my knowledge that either offers you buy now pay later or any sort of 6 months or 12 months interest free credit either on a store card like top man or such, I have never seen this and wondered why as am after alot of kit and this would make me spend about £700 in that shop that offered this so why do these shops not do this.

Since this and I have been the first to put this in writing and come up with this excellent idea I would hope to get some sort of first discount on this lol as if.....

I have emailed cotswold to see why and I will post there response

come on shops get with it sales would go through the roof for people who can't afford your silly prices


  1. Good afternoon

    Thank you for your feedback. It has been forwarded to the marketing department

    Kind Regards,

    Matthew Bell
    Cotswold Mail Order


  2. above is my reply from cotswold lame end.