Sunday 12 December 2010

Peak District Wild Camp

On Friday 10th November I went to the Peak District with David Murphy, we had planned to meet up with Terrybnd for a wild camp.  We travelled down in my car to a village called Hathersage where after a few text messages and a change on where to camp as to my silly tweet on twitter of the location. (stupid ass)

We finally arrived at Hathersage at about 12:15pm, waiting for Terry in the village car park while he finished his pint,  he arrived and after a brief hello nice to meet ya we were on our way to a pub car park where the car was getting left while we did our wild camp.  We goto the pub and Terry suggested a pint before we headed off to our camp, so as a lover of the beer I couldn't say no lol, we ended up having 2 before our short walk to a forest, where we decided to camp for the night, a repair, Terry had done on his tent had become undone and it was forecast for 40-45mph winds on the tops so not a good idea to camp there not with his tent, I also thought it would have been best in the woods as we did go there to meet Terry and not hide away in our tents as it would have been not too good shouting at each other in gales trying to enjoy the company and beer.

I took half a bottle of brandy for myself and a half a litre of Dram. to share, we got our tents all sorted then stood about chatting and having a laugh drinking beer and talking about all sorts.  Dave famous for his wild camp steaks decided to put his steak on to cook, now I had a bacon sarnie at about half 8 and by this time I was starved the smell of that steak well it was torture for me and I dare say Terry too.  After his steak I remember not much more than waking up in my tent and what looked like I had been attempting to boil some water for my boil in the bag meal, judging the amount of meths I had used I would dare say I had the stove on and off quite a few times before I was capable of doing so.

It wasn't a very cold night I had expected it too be but hovering above freezing my sleeping bag was very nice indeed and I had a very nice sleep.  I woke in the morning to a beans and bacon boil in the bag, this time been able to boil it with ease lol and after that we all packed up and were on our way for a walk over Hagersage moor and up to a fort very interesting, Terry took some video of us, so now you know before the video is out it will be the best Terry has done since he got 2 stars in it  the steak house Mr Murphy and the piss head brandy drinking muss lol.
We decided to follow Terry over to another hill and I was quite shocked to see rocks that looked like they had been under water for thousands of years getting formed in there shapes, am not a rock fan but hey this was like something from another planet very good to see indeed, I did notice some names scribed in the rock like for fucks sake keep that shit to your city's you horrible fucks, you read it here first and this is a threat which I will carry out and am sure alot of us reading this would do the same I catch 1 of those young terds destroying our landscape rock or owt lets hope I don't have my brandy filled mind on or your fucked and I do mean proper fucked, I'll write my name on your foreheeds.  I can't for the sake of me understand why they have to destroy our beautiful countryside they already have our city's do it there fuck that over but not the countryside ffs.  Well I'll stop there cause am blowing my own pisser just typing it really pisses me off little cunts.

All that aside we go to the road where we both went our separate ways Terry for his train and me and Dave in the car, funny as I told Dave that I have this thing for sleep and when driving it tends to fall asleep, me that is never mind I said am sure wee will  be ok lol.

To sum the trip up as I have been on many wild camp trips with my other half and a few solo trips and this trip is only my 2nd with friends, I enjoyed it very much and hope to do it again sometime soon was pleasure doing this wild camp and my first in a forest/woods.


  1. FFS! What's with all the swearing?! ;)

    Good meeting you and Dave mate - was a pleasure.

  2. My english is mixed with the my french twas the way I was dragged up by the best mar in the world I also blame her for my drinking habbits lol j/k.
    Was a pleasure to meet you too Terry.

  3. Is this an advisable place to wild camp with friends?

    1. am not too sure first time I had been hear, I wouldn't like to comment as I don't know the area at all sorry