Wednesday 9 March 2011

All video'd out

After the last 2 videos I have done a well earned break from editing is upon me however so is my wild camping, I don't have any holidays left till June then am off for a week but June is like 3 months away ffs, so without writing that am pulling a sicky and stopping off and then getting sacked cause someone grassed, I think give it a month or so and a word at work that I just need a day off or I'll turn into the hulk and kill everyone.

So hopefully sometime (a months time) I can get a day off and get on a quick wild camp just to feed my addiction. Getting back to the bothy video I did the work that went into that was just unreal and in fact made me a bit sick of the whole video of the bothy, as when I tried to upload it I had major issues it kept uploading 19mins and the film was only 9 mins so everything was out of sync slow motion. It actually took 10 uploads to get it to do it, I have spent hours on google searching for the answer to why it was doing this and I could only come up with it was a bug in my project something I had done wrong with the mulitcameras or even clicked on something I shouldn't.

Now the fleetwith Pike video was banged together in about an hour or less from start to encoding and to me that's the best out of the 2 so am just hoping my next multicamera video wont do the same. I have a plan to do a big video am not sure what exactly (well am not giving you too much info) so hopefully if I can get away just for the day to do some filming I want to capture some really good stuff and use the multi camera, well you will have to wait and see.

After seeing Terrybnd and his videos coming out sweet am thinking of buying a wide angle lens too makes sense really when filming mountains and landscapes. I have been thinking of different ideas to put into my movies I want to try and capture the size of these mountains we walk up but its so hard more practise and time in the hills and am sure I'll get the shot what am looking for just wish I could spend more time up there.

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