Wednesday 1 June 2011


Ok to keep you all up to speed things are changing as fast as my........ well as fast as I can erm type so new plans and now am only out this weekend wildcamping, the Howgills of next Saturday is cancelled and now brought forward to this Saturday.  The Great End wildcamp has been cancelled and now its the Howgills this Saturday, keeping up? nor me neither pmsl anyways anyone hiking camping or passing through Howgills this Saturday night up to now it looks like The Calf is camping area.

Plans change like the weather but it is expected as people have work and/or family commitments, which is totally fine so for this trip its back to me and that crazy steak man Murphy to make some video as long as I have time as I'm on a bit of a timed theme for this one finish work at 3pm and have to be back for 10am.

Hope to get some video and if my spare batteries come I'm hoping to use my new found  website New Social Hiking

Which if you follow me on Twitter Themuss78 then you can also follow my progress on there by clicking on the link that will get posted at the time on twitter to social hiking which will then show you the route up and maybe down if I don't use all the battery up it will hopefully include my tweets and some pic as I hike along.  I followed Phil Turner doing the TGO challenge and found it quite interesting his website also worth a follow. 

So after seeing Phil using Social hiking I made it upon myself to purchase my phone the motorola Defy which is good for the job water proof main reason why I bought it, could do with a better camera and HD video but that prob be on the next model lol, anyways I got one and, with the help of Phil and my new found Tweet buddy PilgrimChris I got it all setup and have done a couple of test 1 which worked and the second failed, due to I think me fucking turning it off by mistake new phone and all lol.

So if it floats ya boat it would be nice for you all to tune in if you have nowt better to do and check my progress and if you wish to contact me live as it is happening then you can do via Twitter, however it only works with a Internet signal so maybe you may not follow me till it finds one this I can't know till I get there, I have been told there is a thing you can purchase which uses satellites its called SPOT a little device that uses bluetooth from ya phone to transmit from ya phone to the sat in space and so on, I will look at it more if I get people wanting to follow my progress if it gets no response then well I'll just do what I do.


  1. Sounds like a good little website that mate, I've been looking at
    The spot 2 gps over the last few months and will purchase one at some point
    ......well after the wedding I will anyway
    I introduced chriscox303 to them as well as he hadn't heard about them before

    Hope you get good weather tomorrow mate, well if it is as hot as it was today
    You will need 100 Ltrs if black Russian just to get to the top 

    Take it easy bud... Speak to you soon

  2. cheers mate I have half a bottle of brandy with some coke chilling in the fridge for tomorrow, think we going to get lots of clouds just hope they keep high and dont come down or thats our view fooked