Monday 30 May 2011

The next couple of weekends

So which is it going to be good weather like the picture to the left or shit weather like the picture to the right.
The Weather can be such a pain sometimes when I plan to go away like this Saturday I have a planned wildcamp with Dave, now its going to be such a super rush to get up there and get back for 10am Sunday I was actually thinking about duffing it but unfortunately I have the challenge issue built into me like most men/women.  

So from just after 3pm when I finish work its in my trusty steed and onward to my destination Seathwaite to park up and walk over to Great End.

So if anyone see's me struggling like a cunt trying to get to the top feel free to offer some energy drink like Brandy or Dram. lol, just don't stop me or I'll have to pitch where I stop.

Week after that I have a planned Howgills trip yep another trip straight after 1 fucking hell I can't believe it more of which you can read in my up and coming blogs.

I am also going to be trying to tweet my progress to both trips but bare with me as I have just getting the phone and well tech is not first on my mind when I'm heading to the top of a hill but hopefully I will tweet my progress and you can follow it on!/themuss78 it would be nice for you all to follow if your already not as tweeting to myself would be quite pointless so hopefully see you all there I'll be uploading pics if I can too so watch that space too lol.


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