Friday 10 June 2011

Go Outdoors the update

So after what feels like months and probably is,.  After god knows how many phone calls.  Simon from customer services actually came up with the goods and not just 1 tent pole but the whole bag of brand new tent poles and pegs.  So I would like to big up the go outdoors after a little struggle they are there to help and help in a big way as I have just sold my tent for £190 not bad and now I can pay my debt to my Mother who lent me the cash to buy that hugh tent, which in fact looking at it now was a bit too big as we prob be only family camping now and again and only doing 1 nighters possible 2 which my new tent for this purpose is much easier to put up and stronger for any winds can blow.


  1. I think that tent is bigger than my house.
    Glad you got it sorted.

  2. yea fantastic comapany a joy to shop in knowning the look after there customers very good