Monday 20 June 2011

Job update

Well got back today from my usual delivering of the Shields Gazette and was told the 1 to 1 meetings were on, meeting no. 2.  This was to be told if you got a interview for Johnston Press or if you have to collect what they owe you and basically piss off......

So standing in the offices corridor for about half an hour waiting like a bloody school boy waiting to be spanked I mean caned, as per usual I was last in.

Lads coming out some with a interview some with faces like slapt arses as they been told they are finished on the 31st July.

So my turn came and off in I went truly gut wrenching stuff and how am not off to pub for a few to drown my sorrows, ok back to it I sat down actually couldn't stop smiling like a nervous twitch after all I could be out of work but for what ever reason I found this funny as fuck.  As the 2 boss men sat in front again I had to wait, yep I think they like to drag it out..... anyways straight away after the wait I was offered an interview this Thursday, sweet so after my gut wrenching ordeal I am 1 of 12 out of 33 drivers to have a pop at getting a job working as I do now fucking brilliant!!!! sort of cause out the 12 there is only 4 getting kept on hmmmm now more waiting for my fate.

Watch this space and I will update my crazy life as a driver for J.P


  1. All the best with it mate, hope it works out for you.

  2. cheers for that mate ill update as it happens