Wednesday 24 August 2011

Terrybnd Peaks Social Meet

So this Friday 26 August I'll be heading down to the peaks for a bit of a social gathering hope to see anyone who's going and if I don't say hi, I'm not ignorant just plain old thick or pissed 1 of the two so look out for me say Hi and as long as I remember your name when I get home I'll post ya name on here so like minded souls who cant make the meet know who am what I been up to and talking too, if that makes sense. 

Its a 3 hour drive from my house and well I just can't get time off work to get down there early Friday like I wanted.  I'm hoping they let me go early if not I finish at 6pm and then time I get home and changed quick wash I'll be down for about 10pm which is shit cause ill miss what ever happens on Friday and well am hoping either Terry or Chris Sumner keeps me a spot so when I do arrive am not camping at the side of the road.  Really looking forward to the break from work and meeting up with a few friends I've made online and some I intend to make friends that I haven't met yet, so I'll be posting on here few days after the meet and hopefully get some pics of friends and new friends


  1. No worries mate. We'll ensure you have a space left. :)

  2. sweet cheers mate and I shall see you there

  3. Aye Paul,
    well, there you go mate....straight from the olde' man himself!!
    Enjoy yourself and all of the other like minded souls as well. :-)

  4. cheers Barefoot I shall have a good time its raining at the minute mate but hell am used to that shit lol it follows me every where I go