Monday 5 September 2011

Monsal Head Social meeting in my terms (a good piss up with like minded people)

This is going to be a long one so for people who just cant be arsed to read this here is the short version..........I set about my daily paper boy in a van job got finished 1/2 hour early drove down at speed to the camp site got pissed chattered about everything a wild camper likes to talk about, went to bed about 1am woke up hangover went to stanage edge played in the caves went back got pissed in pub back to camping field checked out some rab gear went to pub won a rab jacket got pissed fucked off home Sunday morning.  

Longer version coming soon with pics


  1. haha PMSL

    Brief and straight to the pictures ??

  2. PMSL!!!!!!!

    Nice one Muss. Enjoyed that! ;) LMAO

  3. cheers lads I will be doing a longer one just need to get in to the zone and with no drink lol

  4. Paul, I think you got that about right:)