Thursday 17 November 2011

What Gear Do I take

Well then as it is in the title, a few people have been on about what I take and would love me to do a video, so I started it the other day, two cameras set up and about half an hour rabbiting on I actually ran out of tape didn't realise on my main camera so had to cut the end off it was mainly talking about tents so I will do another video on my new tent instead later.

I tried my best to go through my bag quickly but as you may have seen the video is 16mins long, now that's a long video for anyone to watch but am hoping it helps some out there, I couldn't ruin in depth any further about why and what gear as I talked enough as it is lol, so I hope you enjoy/ed it and I would love for anyone to ask anything at all about why or what any question, even the person who is too jealous of me and my mates vids instead of disliking it just tell me why you don't like it lol.

Enjoy it there is a tape drop in there so just in case anyone was thinking oooh what happened there I used an old buggered up tape.

I'm off on a Wild Camp with Steak man Dave and Chris this Friday 18th November, leaving after work at 6:30pm so its a night walk up and no vid am taking my little camera just in case for the sunrise maybe get it who knows.

Keep a watch on Twitter and if your not already a member of bambuser try that out too if signal permits I will be doing one but don't worry if ya have twitter on A link will appear on there if I go live its a really good app my phone is not the best for video but its fun anyways live and for me you just cant beat it.


  1. Good video there mate, iv just got back from a wild camp up fan fawr in the Brecon beacons, it pissed it down the whole time I was up there. Having your kit squared away really does help when it cold at wet. Simple things like you said about having the tent at the top of your rucksack if there is bad weather makes all the difference. I'm amazed how you managed to squeeze all that kit into a 35 ltr bag, I have a OMM villain which is 45 ltr and I sometimes struggle with mine.



  2. its a pretty big bag size large but it is a tight fit notice how hard it was to get bottles out lol its buldging lol thanks for the comment. It does help alot my first time in really bad weather saw me taking my full bag apart to get down to the tent hands become very cold and putting tent up gets even harder lol all part of the learning curve and good fun, pub stories so to speak