Thursday 1 December 2011

1st of Decemeber 2011 the planning starts....

Ok so its a mile off yet but I want to plan a wild camp like the one I did with these lot.  Call it what you will I personally like it known as The Muss's Social Wild Camp (part 2).  We had a good laugh on this 1 so another was on the cards from the moment we left the hill.  Now how to go about this is going to be difficult as when your planing for more than 1 you run into trouble trying to get everyone who wants to go to agree on a date well that's the first thing to get sorted a date now we have a window from December 26th to Friday 30th as I do want to spend my new year with the other half Joanne.  So my plan is to do a 2 nighter in either the lakes or the Howgills I would prefer the lakes but if we have two plans if weather is crap for  one then we can jump on the other, with a bit luck we will have snow and am not doing any silly things like ridges or 30 miles in 2 days this is for a bunch of lads sorry girls you ain't allowed, to have a chilled out feast of a time with drinks and food (not supplied by me) and a bloody good laugh.  Anyone would like to add there name to it or suggest anything please feel free to get in touch either on here by phone or twitter/DM I will keep adding to this post of the plans.


I would like to add if you can't make the 2 nights and just want to pop along to say hi, maybe your walking on the day then feel free to get in touch I will give you the top secret location when I know it lol


U     P     D     A     T     E     

Ok so dates are now set hitting the lakes on 27th December 2011 and come home on Thursday 29th December no plans on where as yet but the date has been set. 
AM full of cold or man flu could barely eat my supper last night and have had hardly any drink since a week ago.  A speedy recovery is needed wasn't going to go to work but up and out and popping paracetamol like smarties is and are seeming to work well helping me along through out the day saying that am not looking forward to try and run about at work with my bones aching begging for me to get back to bed.  So wishing myself a get well really soon is needed as I cant not got the lakes I been waiting far too long to get away.

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