Wednesday 30 November 2011

Not about camping but....

I was going to rant on here big time and go mental about the CSA (child support agency) but am not am going to make this rant pretty damn short in the scale of things the story and all its details would fill a book and then theres my rant.

If you didn't know I have a daughter I don't have pictures on here and she doesn't star in any of my vids simple reason she is 8years old and I read and hear about all the fucking weirdos with pics etc.

So me and her mam didn't get on (end) that's all you need to know, we split and went our separate ways and we had an arrangement where I would giver her money each week for my Daughter, worked for a few years until one day she went on a bender texting stupid stuff (long story).

At the end of this argument I was told I wasn't getting to see my bairn anymore and my simple reply was I will see you in court job done.

NOT! 7 months down the line multiple trips to courts and solicitors I basically won, in the mean time in the 7 months I received a letter from the CSA, now on the scale if it wasn't bad enough that I had seen my daughter for good knows how long at that point I know had this to deal with I was also out of work (another long story).

So it was official I had been taken to what can only be called as the cleaners because by god to they take the piss and then some, I must admit for anyone in the same boat or maybe heading that way, best place for you when the CSA get a hold is on the dole they take £5 a week from ya which is fuck all so you wont be feeding your ex with a nice big cash flow.

So I then get a job and its part time payments go up but not too bad am not sure now what I was paying but it wasn't much. 

As some of you maybe aware my job was on the line approx 4 months ago and what I thought was luck I was kept on out of 30+ drivers I was 1 of 4 they kept on yeaa!!!

Thing is it has been a down hill struggle the work load has increased and it still increases to this day the job in a nut shell is shit you don't know what hours your working from week to week its organised fucking chaos and I hate it with a passion.

As I was kept on with my super luck in this amazing pride swallowing shit job my hours increased and I had to inform God I mean the CSA straight away as if you don't tell them you could face a fine.

So not to upset the CSA I told them my hours a month later my living arrangements changed too so not to be fined I told them of this too. 3 moths later and I get 3 letters (that was today 30th November) all with lovely booklets and wasting god damn trees.

If I were to keep ever booklet they send me with every letter I could start my own CSA free booklet club.  Or the wankers could stop sending me the same shit booklet and drop my costs.

So where was I yea the letters lots of paper saying fook all in fact I shall write word for word what one paragraph said, below is writing as it is in my letter.

"This review found that you were not paying enough child maintenance in the past.  We have therefore added £71.00 to your child maintenance arrears.  Amounts to pay for your arrears are included in the table below.  If you want to know the total amount of arrears you owe please call us on the number at the top of this letter."

I mean what the fuck is the £71 for and why do I have to call them shits for? to find the total why not waste a bit more ink and add it on the many sheets of shit roll they sent me?

Fuck me does it piss me off.

Anyways the first payment of £241.71 was to come out in Jan. 2012 that's fine I thought after the joyful festive period, hmmmmm best phone them to ask, so I did they told me if my pay had been sorted for this month then I would be fine but if not then there was a chance that instead of Jan. it would be took out of Decembers wage.

Now I work 36 hours a week for 6.20 an hour it doesn't take anyone too long to know that if £241 is taken from my monthly wage there is going to be not alot left and when you toss in the mix I need to live petrol loan for car credit card bills mobile bills food and lets not forget my guilty fucking pleasure a bottle of brandy a week which I should increase to 2 just to keep me calm over these fucking idiots.  So with a bit of planing and juggling my credit cards  I have paid my arrears off in full on my credit card and Christmas is back on.

I could go on in much more detail hoe I think the CSA don't realise when they put people in arrears as it took them 3 months to review my case they should spread the payments evenly over the full year not 3 months example what they wanted me to pay 1st month £241.71 2nd £219.11 3rd£148.56 and then my upt monthly cost which went from £117 to £132.45 a month to some this might seem not much but when you take out what it costs to live without my pleasures it don't leave much to play with so if anyone wants pressys for xmas birthdays and the like, I have to watch every penny.

Now on the opposite side of the scale (where my £132.45) is going you have someone that works part time but gets more benefits for having a child and working part time which works out near on double what I get a month oh then there my little lump sum she collects and she ain't alone she too has moved on and living in a bought house while I struggle to buy my Daughter a Christmas present this year well rant over it boils my piss.

I have also cancelled my trip away this 7-8th December due to this as I have took a full week off over xmas and well to be fair I wont have money to do nothing so keeping the strings tight will allow me to get hopefully 2 nights in after Christmas and then hopefully I will have something decent to say in this blog.

Happy Days


  1. I feel For ya mate, what a time for the CSA to take more money off you !!

    Chin up mate :-/

  2. Cheers Chris they are hartless bastards but never mind my credit card has taking care of it lol

  3. Bang out of order, that's two mates now of mine that have been taken to the cleaners. It's caused so much shit for a friend of mine, almost splitting with his new wife etc. His ex-wife is pure evil, doing everything possible to ruin his life. Tossers!

  4. Cheers Alex yea its a pain but I'm hoping people think a little reading what can happen. When you stick your ding a ling in and shoot your little seed be sure you have A)lived with the person and get on well I didnt I shot my seed first and it went down hill, not that I would change it if I could, cause I do have a beautiful Daughter but its been a very big and massive roller coaster of a ride more downs than ups let me tell ya. Not to put anyone off having kids but just an eye opener to what could be round the corner and that person your so in love with could turn out to be your worst nightmare. by the way Alex this comment isn't aimed at you just ranting again lol

  5. I feel your pain.. luckily my ex and have had an amicable split and i pay her £100 a month.. I've heard some real horror stories and i think i would definitely skip the country if the CSA started chasing me. my Dad summed it up by saying that the CSA is run by man hating feminist lesbians (his words not mine) :-) haha.