Tuesday 29 November 2011

A Wild Camp December 7-8th

I had 10 more hours left which I thought I never had so last 2 days I could book for this year so in they went, wild camp sorted.  Now as per usual when I book holidays from work I usually get not so good weather so it be interesting to actually see on these dates what weather is going to be like.

My plan is to wild camp for 1 night up to now think this one is going to be on my own but anyone reading this feel free to invite yourself.  I have a few ideas to where to camp but as per usual its best to have a few plans in different areas don't want to camp in the east if its better weather in the west.

Saying better weather it be fun if the winds are strong but I will try and keep out of the rain it is a pain the rain, so its fingers crossed and lets hope the cloud is high winds are strong and no rain would like a bit of snow but I wont push my luck lol.

I will hopefully posting on twitter as long as signal is there to do so and a bit video on bambuser so I hope to see you there keeping me company on my wild camp.  Lets hope I get weather like the above picture so I can do a little video for youtube.


  1. Shame I can't make it, if it was towards the weekend then I would have come!

    Enjoy it, looking forward to pictures and video.

  2. cheers Alex looking forward to it :-)

  3. Hmmmm, slim chance I could join ya mate. I'll check schedule and funds tomorrow :)

  4. I've had to put this trip on hold for now till I get my cash flow put right (let me know Terry if your up in the lakes) still want to go but its on Hold for now. Post to follow tonight 30/11/11 on why thanks

  5. It's all quiet with you guys.... thought with all those storms and snow you'd be out there showing us all how it's done !

    PS Can't figure out what to comment as


  6. it has mate been really skint of late and no hols left apart from after xmas so am having to wait till then will be doing a 2 nighter after xmas