Tuesday 10 January 2012

First Wild Camp of 2012

So now for some positive notes and again thanks to those who emailed me and dm me.  So a friend of mine sends me a message the other week saying he might be working up in Newcastle and if I fancied a wild camp  for 1 night on his way back home.

Now after bailing the last wild camp just after Christmas I've been itching to get out so it was a very simple yes holidays booked in I decided to put 2 days in this way I could possible get out for 2 nights.

My plan is simple leave work on Thursday and get up lakes for about 9pm pitch low down and that gives me a full Friday to just relax around the fells, I have no intention of walking far or breaking a sweat its a 2 night wild camp for a lazy Muss. 

Since the plans have been talked about on twitter me and Chris have gathered a few mates who also would like to join us on this trip which is always welcome as I am a sociable person and meeting up with mates or just people who share the same interest makes my trips good.

So as normal if signal is permitting I will be tweeting on the trip sharing with you live what is happening and so on.

I wont give the location away but if you feel you want to join me then send me a dm on twitter or email me on themuss@paulswildcamping.com I will say its in the Ullswater area, hope to see you there.


  1. lol lol found your blog on youtube and lfto. you only ever spend one night on baby hills?? whats the point? you should go to scotland and see what real wild camping is all about girls.

    its where the real men go for days at a time. not some one night piss up on lakeland fell lol hope your mates arent that much pussys

    and ffs how am i to read your blog when you cant write for shit. you put shame on english education lol

    oh well. be safe and not sorry girls. take care and speak to you on youtube soon


  2. I'd love to join you lot on a wild camp however I don't move back to the north east for another 5 months unfortunately

  3. @markhendo81 your always welcome mate anytime

  4. The Real Smartcooky11 January 2012 at 02:43

    This is the real Smartcooky. The moron above is an imposter.

    Hope you're well Paul

  5. @smartcooky I felt the need to delete my response to the fake tit (1st comment on here) thanks mate am doing well.

    I have recently had an argument with anonymous and obviously he feels the need to try and cause trouble thing is it dont take much to work out I left LFTO as he and you know yet you were on there like me known to use our mouths lol so it would be easy for 1 to pretend there you thinking I wouldnt be able to talk to the real one thanks for the response Smartcooky. I do appoligise for the comment but I hope you see I was responding to the above

  6. right Mr Fake you have had your fame on my site now piss off and go play with your even smaller hills you will not be getting anymore public time on my site thanks

  7. Haha what a loser !! Nothing else better to do than leave comments like that whilst led in his tent .. Wild camping in his back garden

    He's even more of a pussy by not leaving his name

    Spineless springs to mind mate ... Oh well small things amuse small minds

  8. @chris yea very spineless mate some people eh shocking using someone elses name like but thats them all over

  9. If you're implying me Paul, afraid it's not. Not my style as you well know and I would've thought you would know me better than that.



  10. @terry must be a massive coincidence to be perfectly honest I dont give too fucks if its you or a friend of yours as I said in my text to you delete my number too much water under the bridge you cant call people and think there your mate next day.

    My mates dont put me down in any form at all why cause there mates now be done with it all.....its boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Looking forward to seeing you report & video !
    Hopefully you'll get less wind than the last one.
    Belgian Hiker

  12. @Belgian hiker Thanks mate was an amazing trip trip report coming next couple of days got some nice pics havent checked video yet thanks