Thursday 23 February 2012

Working on a new project

Some of my friends have already seen this and have been helping me too, helping I do mean as in given advice on what they think of the clip, some good feed back so far so I thought I would share this on here.

Anyone who would like to give me some positive comments please do so as its always nice to know if people actually think its good or shit, I would hate to have something or keep doing the same old shit so people didn't enjoy my videos, so feel free.

The text is done in photo shop its then imported to after affects and tracked, if your not familiar with this type in tracking on youtube and see some of the good and some crap things you can do with it, basically in layman's terms it keeps your text from moving when say the camera pans like the one underneath here.

Please watch in HD and get the best effect from this, its took me a long time to get this far with tracking am know expert in this field and I still haven't mastered it yet so let me know or even give me ideas on what you think I should or could use it.

One idea I'm going to try is me either walking into or out from a wooded area and have the text some where on the shot maybe on the floor or 3d text so it looks like its in the trees, fook knows this is why am asking for your help.

Cheers Paul

Ok so am getting good vibes from this video below so maybe I will just go with this one unless I have a brain storm and something else amazing comes to my mind

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