Sunday 11 March 2012



 I have took it upon myself to have a little dabble in making fires.  I purchased a flint and steel from GOoutdoors and took myself up Penshaw woods and caused a little fire well when I say little, I used a bit cotton wool added a bit of petroleum jelly, used a bit of dry grass for me tinder and up ot went added a couple of thin twigs which caught a light but I never had enough so it went out.

My first go at a bit of bushcaft and well it was a good one a success I would say as I might not have getting my fire past the first part but it was a fire.

I will update as I do more but hopefully before that I feel a 1 nighter wild camp coming on so hopefully soon I will be under the stars, hoping with fingers crossed some good weather so I can lighten my load and I will be dusting off my voyager for some action.

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