Wednesday 14 March 2012

My Latest video

Some of you might be aware of the wild camp I did on and around Birkhouse moor if not get up to speed lol Here I captured alot of video so to get it down to a reasonable time it took a lot of decisions, thing is am not too goo at that part of putting a vid together so it took time not loads but enough to get me pissed off and just leave it alone.

I then went out on another trip and got that video straight on again this delayed my Birkhouse moor video so weeks have gone by I finally put about finishing it.  I have had ideas for this video of which I thought it would be good and then I changed my mind this happened a lot and delays happened again.

To say the least this video has been a pain yet when I first looked at the footage it was some of the best I have captured the colours are unreal but with all the deciding on what to do with the video am not sure about it anymore in fact I have become to hate it.

So I would love it if you would tell me if its good or just plain rubbish, I have lost the will and need a boost. 

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