Tuesday 20 March 2012

Secret Camp

New tools (toys) axe and a foldable saw
Dutch Army Bivi

A top secret no information given wild camp is happening tonight, its so top secret I dont even know where its happening or do I, pmsl.

I'll blog about the trip when its over as it is a trip that needs to remain a secret till I have done it, hopefully I will capture a little footage just to show you the area and what I have done.
No promises as if I get found out I'll be moved on (reason why its a secret) so its hitty missy if I do get footage but as always I will do my best.

Sitting here typing this I feel like am taking you all on a cyber mystery tour pmsl I hope you enjoy the ride.

I may blog from my phone late tonight so if your up and about then pop back on and see if I have wrote any more.

I shall also be trying my hand to a little bushcraft ie starting a fire lol it probably ends there but well we shall see its going to be dark so maybe no footage of the night but if I get to stop there all night then hopefully I can take you for a wander around camp in the morning.


Paul.......anything under this will be from tonight at my actually camp locations thanks for your support..

Well I have been on my secret trip with Daveswildcamping a full report coming soon along with the video for now you can watch Daves video below, I couldn't get my internet to work as I have just updated the software on my phone and for some reason it didn't let me on the net damn shame.

So on the night me and Dave walked up about a mile from my house to the other side of Penshaw woods, I had scouted out the location over the past few days walking the dog looking for the best place.

We did a lot of talking a good catch up as we hadn't seen each other for quite some time, we made it to camp and first things first out came the cans, can opened it was time to get the fire started.

I dug a hole and placed some big logs in, I had collected some dry grass to use and with one strike of my fire steel I lite my cotton wool which I had wiped in some petroleum jelly. Its a very easy way to get a fire going and the jelly can be bought from the pound shop big tub too, cotton wool was purchased there too.

So with the fire alight I began to add sticks as the dry grass goes up pretty quick having the sticks in order from skinny little ones too pencil size and thicker, I added them as and when needed.

I had seen a video on youtube a nice little trick with a branch to be used as tongs so you can pick your pan off the fire, I also made my pegs out of dead wood.

Just to say that all the wood I burned was from falling trees and all liter was taking out. We had a lovely chicken bbq over the fire and some jacket potatoes, so sitting there red hot off the fire and chatting with me mate it was a really good camping trip, many laughs were had.

we didn't get to bed till 2am and were both up and packed just after 7am. My bivi was ace to sleep in however one draw back is that I didn't have a full self inflating mat which with the Dutch bivi would have been nice it has a loop to slot it in to stop it from moving.

Am looking forward to go out in the woods again and I hope you enjoy my video thanks.

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