Monday 30 April 2012

I had to do a quick post about me "The Muss".

Few year back now I was signing up to youtube so I could start uploading my vids, when it asked me to choose or create a username.  I sat there wondering what I was going to put, I had no idea something could be so hard.  I didn't really want to use my real name so to be quick and not sit there for hours planning on what I could use, I had just watched the movie Once Were Warriors.

The penny dropped I could call myself Jake the Muss, nah mine name is Paul so didn't feel right so I took "The Muss".  Typed it in and low and behold I couldn't have it so I added my age at the time, themuss28 and it was free so thats how it become.

Now over recent years I have added twitter again using the muss as I find its like a brand, apart from this blog which our lass thought it was good to buy one day as a present for me.  Needless to say she bought not, never mind its the thought that counts.

So getting back to it recently and in the past I have had people getting quite upset that I would name myself after a wife beater like Jake the muss???, I like violent films, gangsta films to slasher horrors I could have chose Freddy Kruger, thing is I didn't, I like it and if you don't its easy not to follow me.

For the people that looks at my cyber name "The Muss" and see it as a brand, thanks thats all it is, nothing more nothing less, it just happens to be a made up name someone used for in the film Once were Warriors.

Peace out camping people


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