Wednesday 25 April 2012

So with my Hilleberg Allak up and selling on ebay <<<<<< check the link I have received my new tent as you can see in the picture above.

So my new Hilleberg Soulo is my first solo tent, first pitch is in the house just need to get out which was suppose to be tonight to meet up with the coast to coast lads Chris and Alex but everything went wrong from when I woke up, one of those days and then some, I'm not going into detail but lets just say I was one pissed of person, I've never had so much shit happen just trying to sort my gear out for a one nighter.

So I have put it back  a day and am going out tomorrow instead I will report back on how it was or how I find it, so far examining it like a total nutter I find it like the Allak a really well made shelter just can't wait to get out in it.

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