Sunday 22 April 2012

Selling some tents

Well I could have cried its took some serious bottom lip biting think should I or shouldn't I but I have put my Allak up for sale and I have bought its replacement, a nice Solo tent.

For anyone thinking about either buying mine or even wanting a brand new 1 my advice if you should need a 2 man tent is go buy it the Allak is 1 sweet tent I put it up today to inspect it make sure it was all good and its so well made with features that I love from the 2 door and vents the way the doors can be opened fully, I could go on and on bore you to death but my partner Joanne is not going to be out in the near future so instead of hugging the extra kilo I might as well get myself a solo tent which I have.

The Hilleberg Soulo is a great tent also my friend Chris Sumner bought one same time as I bought my Allak and as I no longer need a 2 berth I have took the plunge and in fact popped my cherry in the solo tent its my very first, so looking forward to playing in that hopefully this week.

Links below to my Allak for sale and am also selling my Vango Spectre 200 great starter tent for wild camping, its being in some serious wind and not a bent pole in sight strong as an ox so please take a look at my tents and get them bought I need the cash to pay off the credit card I used to buy my Soulo lol.

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