Thursday 12 April 2012

Thursday 12th April 2012

I have planed a wild camp in a forest for tonight and my good mate Dave is coming along to keep me company, we also have a friend from youtube that we both have not met yet, Paul, you can click the link to watch his vids on wild camping, so its just the 3 of us for some beer and cook some food over the fire.  As always it was a last minute rush organizing it and trying to find a place local.

The place I found when I took my dog Izzie for a walk around the place looking for what I call the "sweet place" for my mini adventure in Bushcraft.  As you maybe aware I am very new to this and learning what I can but more importantly going outdoors and enjoying it is what its all about for me anyways.

I would advise anyone who hasn't yet done it to go out and also have  some fun, remembering to leave no trace very important as if you keep leaving mess behind you going to spoil it for you and everyone else.

Now I go out in these woods without permission, reason number one, why I don't tell anyone where it is I'll be camping on the night, as I know some people who take a dim view of anything fun, not to get into a rant about it but making fires upsets a few.

So with a bit of luck the rain will clear and a cold and crisp night under the stars we will get.

Video to follow shortly........

As promised......

So am not going to rabbit on about this trip hehehehe but very short and to the point, it was a really good trip food was sweet company was sweet and I took a little bit of my fav drink Brandy so all things were ace.

I can speak for all 3 of us when I say it was a top trip for us all.

ok fook it a quick small rant about it......

I am starting to really get into this trips into the forest/woods making a fire and sitting around having a few beers and eating a feast what you cook on the fire is just top notch so I'm thinking you probably see more trips out in the woodlands this year with a few wild camps on mountain tops in between.

I have plans for my next bushcraft cooking wild on the fire already but am just not sure what to cook there is so much I want to do and learn its quite exciting.

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