Friday 28 September 2012


Me, Daveswildcamping and Paul Kilburn have being planning a week in Scotland for some time now, actually for quite some months, I had a week booked off in October and the trip was based on that.  The plan is to camp on Ben Nevis and then do some wild camping in different places in Scotland.

We all agreed that we should not plan on where we should visit and camp, only Ben Nevis should be planned as we want the freedom to do what ever takes our fancy.

A few Lochs may get a visit, a fire with a little bit of cooking sounds like a perfect trip to me, a full week of wild camping, I almost fit under the hardcore wild camping people.

It however isn't all good news and the plans may have to change, typical eh.  Since we planned this trip my dog was going to be cared for by my other half Joanne, as she needs regular walks to keep her fitness up, however Joanne has finally getting a hospital date and it has landed a week before I go away, bloody typical, hopefully she will be ok after a week to look after herself, what has me stuck is the pooch, so my plan of wild camping for the week on my todd in my tent, has now added a dog.

Now then the dog, where do I start with this crazy K9, she hasn't been up a mountian, when let off the lead goes mental, she is a lurcher and when she runs she runs fast and clumsy.  Dangerous for mountians, so a lead will be kept on her to minimise the risk.

Sounds ok then keep the dog on the lead and everything is fine?.  Wrong.....

I have spoilt this dog from day one (my fault) I know but thats me with animals, when I say spoilt I do mean she has the comfort of the sette all day and then the bed on a night, yep you heard that right she shares the bed with me and Joanne, I say share she ain't in it but on the bottom. 

Now its going to be cold outside and Izzie has only slept in a tent twice and that was on campsites.  So I can't imagine her feeling at home in October wild camping up a mountain.......

Nevertheless she has no choice and its time for her to be a dog and dog up so to speak.  I'm just hoping it ain't going to rain for a week as sharing my Soulo with a wet Izzie won't be much fun.

So for me anyways I will have to centre my trip on my dog and just hope she can make the walks, Ben Nevis may be took out of my trip if I see her struggling, after all its all about the fun on trips not causing injury.

So I just thought I'd let you all in on our trip if you didn't already know, I may or may not write about the trip with it being such a long trip, am sure it will be filled full of disasters and fun, it may be worth trying to put some or all down for you to read.

I won't be with my 2 mates for the full trip as they plan to drive and camp all the way to the top of Scotland, I drive for a living so the least amount of driving for me the better.  If I have signal I may post live so from the 15th October 2012 if you keep a look on here you may well see some random rants, moans, groans and me trying to type a trip report.


  1. Top drawer stuff mate , can't wait should be fun.

    1. its always fun mate always a good laugh, something will go tits up and make for a good laugh am sure

  2. red squirrel campsite in glencoe is worth a stop off Paul, Clachaig inn just a walk away from there,

  3. It looks like there's going to be a few other wild campers up Scotland this month. I'm up there from 21 October for a week as I drive for a living I'll be getting the train to Corrour Hope you have fun

    1. cheers mate shame we weren't heading up same time would been nice to meet up thanks for the comment mate and have fun up there hope we all have better weather than whats been up there

  4. Fuck me. You really are a pleb. I know 5 year olds that be ashamed of your written english.

    1. Wow your English is nearly as bad as mine, lol

      1) Firstly why hide behind anonymous? why not leave your real name.? I'm only small, I don't bite.

      2) "pleb" who uses words like this? get a life.

      3) "I know 5 year olds that be..."???? come on better English please.

      4) "written English" Its typed English and I type the way I want to type, same as I talk the way I want to talk, cause I'm a leader not a follower.

      5) I also don't hide behind a screen with my insults if you don't like reading my blog...... FUCK OFF!!!!!

      6) I published your comment to give you your 1 minute of fame, thanks for the views and the laugh at your comment.

  5. 'anonymous', is there any need really? You made a choice to come here and read Paul's blog. If you don't like it just leave and keep your two pence to yourself.

    The way I see it, Paul just enjoys getting out there and is a decent enough bloke to share his experiences both here and through his YouTube channel, for free. Personally I'd rather it was written in the down to earth language of a real bloke who enjoys what he does. Keep it up Muss.

    1. Thank you very much Roy for them kind words means alot.

  6. What a looser Mr Anonymous
    Keep up the fantastic reports