Thursday 9 May 2013

Hilleberg Nammatj GT 2
Its been a while since I wrote on this Blog, I've had only one trip out since my last visit to Catbells, where I camped along side the River Wear.  So this trip to a campsite on Bank Holiday Monday, was a blessing.  A well earned trip I knew it was going to be tripless as I have no holidays booked in, I have a few videos still to put together but just stop with me they will be up next week some time.

However soon I'm going to the Hilleberg Tweet up, a few people I know are going so that should be great fun, that's all I will say about that.

The week after am taking my Daughter and dog to the Bushcraft Show something I feel is going to be great as a few new friends I have made through Youtube will be there, really excited about this a full weekend of camping and cooking and spying what the Bushcraft show has on offer.

So this is just a quick post just to let you all know what am doing at present.  Not much as it happens and I have to wait till June when my next full week is off plenty of trips away then I feel.

The above picture is my new tent, I got it very cheap brand new £320 from ebay very pleased, I will be using this when I go car camping or a low down hill where I find I want a bit of space with dog.


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