Friday 12 February 2016

The Phantom 3

A new bit of equipement

Me and my mate John with our Phantoms

Ten years ago DJI brought out the phantom 1, I could see the potential for high up views of the landscape and birds eye views of my camp.  The thing was the price, I could never bring myself to spend or get into debt for it.  That was until now, my partner Maxine took it upon herself to offer me a very large sum of cash as a deposit to go and get myself one of these drones, after looking at them on ebay and to be honest they were still fetching good money I searched online, only to find jessops having a sale on with the drones and offering interest free for 12 months.

It was a no brainer to be honest a brand new latest one or a second hand one, needless to say i went and got myself a new one.  i have had it out a few times now and captured some lovely vid.  I will admit a few scary moments when the controller loses signal to the drone, even though if and when this happens it will return home 9the point you took off from) on its own, still with some much cash flying around so high up its touching cloth moments.

I have a couple of videos of me messing about so feel free to watch them and please let me know what you think.


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