Tuesday 15 March 2016

A trip Along To Northern Wilderness Bushcraft Monthly Moot

Northern Wilderness Bushcraft

Looking over from camp to the Abbey (drone)

I had an invite to camp at Northern Wilderness Bushcraft, from John aka Northeastbushcrafter.  It was going to be more of a meet and greet for me as I had not met the lads and a lad I had been wanting to meet for quite sometime  was also heading over, Damian aka fellwanderer.
It was Saturday and as per usual i had work on the morning from 6:30am till 11am, not a long shift but I was still needing to get up at the usual 5:25am.  It always makes for a long day but I was buzzing to be going.

I set off after a quick shower at around 12:30pm, using my satnav I found it with ease, there was a couple of cars parked in a field and 1 on the road side, i took the chance and went into the field with my van, with all the wet weather it had quite a bit of mud but I made it in and parked on the flat part of the field for an easy exit in the morning.

I had only been there a few seconds and John came up to meet me, he helped me with my gear into the woods which wasn't far to walk thankfully, its always good to get a hand i was on this trip alone, no partner or dog.

Once in the woods I was introduced to another John and Damian, once the hellos were said i got straight about getting my hammock up and tarp setup above the hammock.

Off for a walk
We all went for a walk around part of the land they have the use of and I was impressed it was a beautiful stretch of land with the River |Wear running at the bottom of the woods.  After the walk it was back to Johns camp for a beer and to get our tea on.

Damian,Jai and John messing about with the drones
We chattered for hours and eventually went down to base camp to meet up and have a beer with the lads from the NWB it was a fantastic night great craic and although the video doesn't show alot of bushcraft in it there was plenty going on.

I wanted to do a great video of the lads at work showing us some bushcraft but like always I end up to busy talking and missing it, I am hoping to go along again as it is only 20 mins drive from my house.

I made some great friends it was only a short visit but a good one at that.

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