Friday 14 October 2016


As normal I have been quite on here and on my youtube channel.  I have been busy but with work and normal every day things as well as helping out with a few friends etc.

I haven't been out much once last month it was a great break from the hustle, I never took the camera and obviously never blogged it.  I went with my partner Maxine, my daughter and not forgetting the star dog Izzie.  We headed into the woods to do a wild camp.

My plan was to goto Northern wilderness but price changes and rules for non members wasn't for me.  It is a lovely woodland they have and the people are great very friendly but as I am a wildcamper it was not going to happen. So off I went for the local secret location a bit of woodland i don't have permission to use but I also don't have to pay, it's also out the way and as long as peeps don't see you camping they don't know you have been there or camped there, always follow the LNT (leave no trace).

However the location i goto is in a place so deep in the woodland its very hard to even find it never mind know I've been there, so am thinking of setting up a little camp, for permanent use.  So instead of covering up my fire every time I leave I will setup a rock fire pit and make it more a permanent setup.

I once again want to thank the people who have been very patient with my blog and youtube, to those who aren't subscribed please do so, i need a kick up the backside and now nobody comments on the blog i feel I am wasting my time, as for the youtube videos I still have one to do off a month or so ago, a woodland one, stay with me comments on how i can improve or just one saying more content wanted, i might just surprise you.

When the next camp will be or youtube vid or blog post any ones guess would be a good one.  Keep on getting outdoors if am not subbed to you and you think I will enjoy your videos comment with sub me or something along them lines and i will sub you am in need of inspiration. An artist of videos has lost his inspiration.  Peace to all hope to see you soon.


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