Friday 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas


I have just been editing a new video for youtube, just a few short clips of mini adventures outdoors, I have now the task to video myself speaking to introduce the different parts.  I am hoping to get much more videos put together of my trips in 2017.

There is a video that when I watched made total sense tome and what was happening to my youtube channel.  Thomas Heaton a photographer who also does videos for youtube and they are of the best quality in my eyes, the link to the video I refer to is HERE ( 12.19) start it from there is what made me think.
Helvellyn wild camp

Now when i watched it i am or have been posting any old shit just to get a video on youtube, that in 2017 is stopping so every video in 2017 will be of quality not quantity, so if that means (I do hope for 12 videos next year) that means there will be 12 bloody good videos. 

If I miss a month that is because the trips I had that month were good but none footage was taken.  i hope this make sense but its been bugging my for a while, i do watch and skip through alot of Wild Camping  videos on youtube and i rate as I watch and think bad things, doesn't mean i don't enjoy watching them but more of an artist rating another artists work. 

Now i do know alot will be shouting at their screens we not artists am just doing a diary that's great but this youtube malarkey is not a diary for me, i leave likes open for people to show me if the video is good or bad, mid you there are jealous peeps out there so this is on the verge of disabling.
Langdales Campsite

the comments are left open as unlike some the people have a right (I think ) to comment if they like or dislike or give you feedback etc. Note to the special peeps a Dairy is private......keep your videos on unlisted if this is the case if not your more full of shit and as boring as your videos.

Rant over again thank you for reading. 2017 is going to be a better year for vids I can feel it.  All the best to everyone of you even the haters life is too damn short to get caught up in self indulge idiots.
My Smoker Cooking some awesome meat

Peace out

I dig you, never put yourself down and keep your head up high and always punch hard


All The Very Best For 2017 Hope You All Have An Amazing Time

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