Friday 19 May 2017

2017 started not so good (non related camping)

Gillside farm campsite Glenridding, Lake District

So where to start.....

January 2017 I was having massive head aches more like migraines, after a few days it got worse, it was always on one side of my head behind my eye.

So I went to my Dr's. he sat me in the chair and asked what was wrong, I told him and he said best thing is to test the blood pressure first.  Attaching the blood pressure monitor he told me to relax and not to talk.

As the monitor grasped my arm tight, after a few seconds the Drs  said the machine might be broke.....

So off it went again this time the Dr said its very high and any higher it be hospital for you, meaning me.  He told me he would have to do something, which would be prescribe high blood pressure tablets, he also said it probably be temporary and he would put me on the lowest as I was only 38 years old.
My woods camp

I was also told a blood test the next day would be needed. So the next day I went for a blood test and cutting a long story short, I would have to go back for the results.

I was told then by the Dr that I have 60 year old kidneys, that the graph on the monitor he was showing me would be that of a 60 year old man, in fact my graph was pointing down at the bottom of the monitor, instead of being at the top of the screen going up.

So what did this mean.  He told me 3 people suffered from this.

1... A pregnant woman while she was pregnant.

2... A body builder taking protein shakes and eating meat.

3... A person that ate a lot of meat/protein.....well that was me.

I use to eat a bacon sarnie (4 slices) in that, every day, I would also eat meat every day and if it was a roast a lot of meat.

So he also asked what I drank, my answer milk or pop, brandy too pmsl.  He said this also would be a problem but my liver was fine, it was the protein I was getting from the meat.  So I had to cut it in half what I ate, which I have done.

Me in the hot tub outside The Cottage

I've now stopped the bacon every day and usually eat 1 a week.  The meat and protein is halved if not more to help me.

I tried to explain this in my video so I hope I have.  I do not want people wishing me well, I'm on the mend. Period. You will see the videos of meat but only when  I camp as its a weekend and I do eat the meat on the weekend but I wont eat as much.

So no sympathy please.  I know what to do and I am doing it and have been to Dr since and had more blood tests and he said you have improved but it will take a while.

However at 38 years old I'm on blood pressure tablets for the rest of my life.  things we have to do......yep but its needed. I have took time out to reflect and since then my good friend Big John ( northeastbushcrafter) has given me a kick up the ass see  HERE.
Izzie in front of the log burner @ the cottage

So no more negative shite please.  Its time too get up and produce some great videos. I do hope you enjoy them and if you do please like, subscribe and comment, I will try my best to reply, if i don't reply with a comment I may have just had too many and missed yours.
So a positive note, my first holiday 7 days in a cottage with my now fiancĂ©e, Maxine.  I proposed on holiday in the cottage, to describe it, it was a perfect holiday, yea it may not have been in a sun bleached country but it was in a cottage in the middle of know where.  It also had a hot tub my first I've been in and it was perfect.

Engagement Ring
I love you all respect you all and hope you help me build my channel, I'm here for the long haul and I will only get better in my videos.

Thank You All for sticking with me I appreciate you all.

Peace, Love and happiness

Paul aka ricketymanfilms aka the muss



View from my Allak at Gillside Farm Campsite

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