Tuesday 16 January 2018

Camping in 2017

Not Much Camping In 2017

Even had the family out wild camping@ Camp Muss
It was a bit up and down 2017, not much camping was done but saying that I was still out camping and wild camping.  If you follow me on my Instagram page you will have seen the pictures from these camps, I haven't done much videos for youtube as I have not captured much or not enough footage to make a video.
Camp Muss

In no order from the top of my head without trying to check what camps I went on, I have been to my secret woods camp a few times, its a quiet place and it is so secretive once your in nobody can walk past and bother you.

I have been to the usual campsite Muker and another which I quite enjoyed in the lake district the name of which I have forgotten but it was just off Ullswater and it has a chippy hahah.

Campsite in Ullswater
from the tent on Helvellyn (2nd time up in 2017)
I've been up Helvellyn twice once was on my own and a total failure weather was too bad and I got a call with some family stuff so headed back down, now as I'm probably in the worst shape of my life just getting up Helvellyn with a heavy back pack on was hard enough, never mind pitching the tent and then packing up and heading back down.  It will stick with me for a while that camp been up at 5am on Saturday morning for work and after
work heading up to the lakes which is a 2 hour drive then am not sure if it took me 3-4 hours to get up Helvellyn to pitch the tent have some food then head back down was an absolute killer, i got in the house at about 9:30pm total unaware how i actually got back home been so tired really is very dangerous to drive and I certainly would not advise it, I will also try not to relive that day again.

I also got an invite to Camp Gus my mate John (northeastbushcrafter) local camp, what a great last camp of the year finished it off sweet, I will be returning to camp Gus too as the lads have got it looking great.

Thanks to anyone who stops by to read my blog, I'd like to say I'd keep up with a monthly report in it but I'm struggling to make a video.  I will always get out camping hopefully more
We even stopped at Roughside to film The Tormented Man Part 2
in 2018 but who knows, I don't know where the road will take me.  A new job and an extra few quid would be sweet as without the cash you can't get out camping.

I nearly forgot to add the 2nd time up Helvellyn went great much better when the wife comes someone to share the experience and the torture going up.

How stopping in the bothy for the night to film The Tormented Man Part 2 is beyond me.  Took the family up to help me film and to star in the part 2 short film.  We had great fun and the bothy to ourselves, thankfully as I'm not too sure people would be thinking everything is ok when I'm running about with a machete and blood stained clothes on, great fun we had until we went home the next day, walking out from the bothy we had to cut through the sheep field but after we had walked in the farmer must have put 3 young bulls in. I thought it would be fine until I saw 1 bull lifting the other one up with its head playing.....I suppose they started following at first then started to run at us, so we ran I was more worried about my partner and daughter. I have a feeling that the farmer had done this on purpose as i do know they have a lot of idiots going to roughside, unfortunately we were not them, as a result of this we won't be returning which is a shame as  I do like the bothy but I wouldn't put my family through the risk.  If you google it there is more deaths via cows/bulls than there is dogs in the UK alone.......scary.....

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