Friday 7 May 2010


Well I was called to the hospital on Wednesday, to get my stitches out, never had stitches in by god is this going to hurt, its been 3 weeks and they are well scabbed over, I thought its going to feel bloody awful but panic over when I sat in the chair and the nurse went to work, soft arse that I am turning away and gripping on for dear life, I felt a tug and the nurse cutting the stitch and again and again 10 times in fact, when she stopped I thought now time for the pain bloody hell,I looked to see where she was going she was on her way to stick a massive plaster type thing on,"Is that it," "yea all done." I couldn't believe it you can't even feel them getting pulled out all that fuss for nowt lol I told her politely where to stick the plaster who needs plasters am rock lol anyways it was a good experience and thought to share it pics of the
X-RAYS click on the picture when you get there and then go to all sizes just above the picture just to get a big picture more detail lol enjoy.

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